Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Goggle-mounted swimming monitor gives real-time feedback to athletes

Smart sports equipment has been emerging for a while now, and we’ve seen performance-monitoring tennis racquets, bikes, and even basketballs. Electronics and watersports don’t tend to go hand-in-hand – however, Instabeat is a waterproof display for goggles that measures swimming performance and provides feedback. Where some swimmers may opt for a chest device that can monitor the user’s heartbeat, the Instabeat clips onto any pair of goggles and senses beats per minute from the temporal artery. Colored LEDs on the device let swimmers know how hard they’re working – blue for fat burning, green for fitness workouts and red for maximum performance. Instabeat also measures calories burnt and lap times, alerting users to when they’re close to reaching their targets as they swim. Once out of the pool, the headset can be connected to a computer via USB to upload the data for storing.

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