Thursday, September 5, 2013

App helps organizers bring local community events to life

Platforms such as Gidsy have already offered a way for locals to find new experiences in their city. Now a new app called Commune enables event organizers to promote community projects and recruit volunteers to bring them to life. Initially created for students at Colombia, and later launched at New York University and Oxford University in the UK, the app aims to provide a way to raise awareness of events among local communities. It is currently trialling its Neighborhood NYC Beta to expand its features for larger regional groups in order to residents become more aware of the projects happening in their area. Organizers can upload details of their event and then choose to invite individual friends, members of a network such as a college, anyone living in a particular part of the city, or the entire city. As well as recruiting attendees for their event, planners can also put out calls for help and volunteering. Users can potentially use the app to ascertain interest in an event before they even start planning it, making it a Songkick-style platform for community events. Bringing event promotion and information to the hyperlocal scale, Commune hopes to foster better connections between the different communities that live in the same district. It is available for free on the App Store. Are there other ways to make it easier for local residents to collaborate on projects that will benefit them all?

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